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study abroad in senior year?

Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice...

I'm currently a junior and am planning on studying abroad in France during the first semester and a little more of my senior year (from the end of August 2006 until the beginning of February 2007). I'll be enrolled in a French school, but it is likely that the class credits I receive will not transfer to my high school transcript.

I live in Florida and I'd like to go to a good out-of-state school, preferably in the northeast or California. I'm planning on finishing my college applications and all high school credits before I leave. Do you think studying abroad will hinder or boost my chances for admission? Also, what other colleges do you think might be good for me? I'm a bit overwhelmed by this whole process. Thanks in advance for any advice!!

I think I'd like to major in foreign language, history, or international relations. I'm really interested in journalism, too.

These are some of the colleges I'm interested in:

unweighted GPA = 3.95

SAT= 730 W, 680 V, 650 M
SAT U.S. History = 700
I'm planning on taking the SAT subject tests for French and World History this June.

AP US History= 5
Next week I'm taking AP Language, Gov. and World History. I think I'll get at least a 3 on all of them.

One of my main concerns is not having enough AP classes. When I return from studying abroad, I could possibly take AP Lit and AP French, but this will be after I've sent in my college applications.

My main extracurriculars are my school newspaper and a teen-written page in the local paper. I'm also in NHS and FHS.
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I'd imagine it would boost your chances. Spending a lengthy amount of time living abroad will defininetly give you an interesting perspective, and colleges generally like people who have different perspectives.

Everything else looks pretty good. You may want to consider retaking the SAT if you think you could get better scores, but I don't know if the ones you have will be that much of a hinderance.

I hoped this helped.
I think I could possibly get a higher score, not a lot, but at least on the math. the only thing is that the last administration of the SAT that I could take before leaving is in June, and that's when I'm taking subject tests in French and World History. I guess I could always take them when I was in france... but, I think it'd be very difficult to work out and I don't really want to.

Anyway, thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it.
Well, you're probably already in France, but I just wanted to reassure you: while studying abroad has some drawbacks, it is completely worth it, especially for the majors your interested in.

Here's the good news for you: I actually went to BU as a journalism major and German minor, and I got in with a full scholarship, despite slight Germany-related GPA issues (because most schools make credit transfer really difficult). What you're doing right now will look fabulous, especially as all the schools you listed value study abroad and recommend it to their students. You'll have an edge on all the other applicants - I know a few other people at BU who also studied abroad in high school, and I'm sure it helped them get in, too.

All the schools you picked look like really good choices for all the majors you said you were interested in. I can only speak personally to BU, so I'll tell you I know we have a great journalism program, a friend did the French Language and Lit major and said it was fantastic (and studied abroad in Grenoble), and I see our IR majors doing pretty amazing things both in school and after they graduate. All the language programs are great, even when you minor in them, so no matter what you choose, you'd be able to continue your French.

Have fun abroad - trust me, it'll be one of the most amazing experiences of your life! And good luck with admissions. Oh, and if you haven't already applied to BU (I know the deadline is February or January), you should write about your experience abraod for your admissions essay. You'll really stand apart with a topic like that.