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Concerns of a small school's valedictorian

I'm a rising senior at a tiny Catholic school. It is so tiny because it opened only three years ago, and I'll be in the first graduating class. But because of the limited number of students (18 when I was a freshman, about 80 or 90 next year), there have been and continue to be a limited number of courses available, meaning I haven't had the opportunity to take any APs and will only have a few available next year (Calculus, Biology, English, and Latin, which I am not sure I'll take yet.) I've taken the most rigorous courses I can at my school, which are as follows:

Freshman: English I, Latin I, Geometry, Physical Science, Religion I, PE/Computer.
Sophomore: English II, Latin II (H), Algebra II (H), Biology, Religion II, Art, Health, World History.
Junior: American Literuatre (H), Latin III (H), Precalculus (H), Chemistry, Religion III, American History, PE.
Senior: AP Lit, AP Calculus, AP Biology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, Econ/Gov't, Religion IV, Physics.

So I have two questions:

1) Will it hurt me that I have only taken three AP courses?

2) Would it behoove me to take the AP Vergil course instead of Physics? It sounds childish, but my past three years of Latin have been miserable because of the teacher, whereas I really like the Physics teacher. And I am considering maybe studying Latin on the side just to make it an even four years, but maybe not.

My SAT score is 2240, with 700 Math (both times), 750 Critical Reading (both times), and 790 Writing (up from 780 the first time), and I think my GPA is a 3.9something.

Edit: I am not sure where I want to go to college, but I am considering Brown and am visiting this summer, and I'll also check out RISD when I'm up there.
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