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chances at colleges & suggestions

Hey, everyone, I'm asking for chances because I'm kinda interested in knowing what kind of colleges would be good matches for me:

I'm a southeast-asian female in the top highschool in her state (probably top 10% of class). My weighted GPA is ~4.8, and I don't know my unweighted GPA but it should be around ~3.6 to 3.8 range. I'm taking a very difficult courseload (5 AP classes, 2 Honors courses). The regular classes in my schedule were P.E., by the way! In my freshman year, I took all honors courses except 1 class (with straight A's), in my sophomore year (2 APs, 4 Honors, 1 Regular), and straight A's. This year I'm taking 5 AP classes, 2 Honors, and getting 4 B's and 3 A's. My PSAT score was 196, and I haven't taken the SAT or ACT yet.

I took the PSAT & PLAN last year. I have also taken it this year but have not received my scores yet. My PSAT from last year predicts I will score between a 28-32 on the ACT and approx. ~2150 on my SAT. I haven't taken SAT IIs yet, but plan to take 3 by the end of junior year.

I had already taken Algebra, Geometry, Environmental Science, Biology, CIT, and Spanish I before I entered highschool, so here's what I took:

Freshman: American Lit, Trigonometry, Comp Sci., Physics, Spanish II, World Studies
Sophomore: British Lit, Precalc, AP Comp Sci, Chemistry, Spanish III, APUSH
Junior: AP Language & Comp, AP BC Calc, Art 1, AP Biology, Spanish IV, AP Gov't & Politics, AP Statistics

My extracurriculars so far include an after school peer-writing service, an acadec team, poetry team, a national political-group chapter, NHS, and a program teaching kids in local neighborhoods. I'm a junior with 7 extra HS credits (because I started taking highschool classes in 7th grade). I will be graduating with 35 credits (28 is the minimum) and will have taken hopefully 13 AP classes by the time I graduate.

Some personal information.. I'm a first-generation student and I have a sister in college. My father went to college in his home country but my mother never finished highschool.

The thing is, I kind of want to go to the following schools but they are kind of super-reaches: MIT & Princeton. I'm also interested in U of C, Northwestern, and Yale. I know it sounds like I am reaching super-high, but if you can suggest some alternative schools or provide me with some insight in the choices that I've already provided, that would be super.

Thank you!
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