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College Campuses Admit Week

College Campuses - Admit Week

THE END OF MARCH and early April mark the most nerve-wracking and exciting time of the year for high school seniors: spring is in the air, senioritis is in full bloom, "prom" is a word issued in every other conversation, and of course, college admissions are sent out. Although we all feel like we will have completed our lives' purpose by April 1, life continues, just like the emails from That One College in Texarkana keep coming even after you marked them as spam.

The Meet 'n' Greet will be a chance for you to share what colleges you got into, talk about what you're looking for and why you applied, ask other members for advice on choosing colleges, etc.--go nuts. Up until this very exciting event, feel free to post links to pictures of your prospective campuses here, or create a longer post if you've visited a school.

The first week of April's Grand Finale is our very own (exclusive!) collegecampuses interview with the CEO and co-founder of, Mick Hagen with information on why "location, location, location" applies to both choosing the right college and operating a successful real estate business. But mostly about college.

Remember, pimp this community! The more members, the more resources and opinions we can have about colleges across the nation, the more pictures, the more fun.

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