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I'm a rising sophomore, I am an Asian from Canada and I just have a few questions.

But first, stats:

-GPA (unweighted): 3.9
-I think I'm 2nd/approx. 500
-Been on the Principal's List for 2/4 semesters (top 10 grade average in the whole school, not just class)
-Have not taken the SAT or SAT 2s yet but I plan on taking 3 of them by the end of next year.
-I plan on completing the full IB diploma during my final 2 years.
-I attend a publich high school that I'm sure no one has ever heard of.

-School basketball team (plan on doing it for all 4 years)
-Rep/club basketball team
-I also got selected into an elite basketball camp this summer.
-Volleyball team
-Junior8 team
-badminton team
-piano (since 2nd grade)
-flute, euphonium (not very well)
-fluent in Korean
-volunteer at library, coaching/refereeing basketball, maybe going to a Free the Children academy next summer, I plan on doing a lot more volunteering over the next few years
So my questions are as follows:
1. I live in a very small community. Therefore I have extremely limited resources and opportunities for volunteer work, competition, and such. Any ideas on how I can make the most of my situation? I'm also very concerned that for the same reason, I will not be able to get into any decent colleges in the states. Will top colleges consider me if I have taken advantage of all the very little opportunities I have, or will they just disregard my application altogether?

2. What else can I do to improve my resume?

3. As of right now, I hope to study international relations and/or history; and ideally get into law school. Which SAT 2 tests would be the most beneficial for me to take?

4. If you have any recommendations for schools that wouldn't be too far out of reach for me, it would be greatly appreciated!

Anyway, thanks for your time to look through all of this! Any advice would be helpful to me at this point.

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