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Make Your College Admissions Easier- Get this book

A few years back in my college searching days, I found a book that profoundly changed my life. A college admsissions book. If you only read one college admissions book, let it be this one.

All in One College Guide

Why? Because college admissions is filled with such hype and stress, a perfect time for the colleges to load you with propaganda and take advantage of your vulnerabity in this time. You need something to help you navigate the, shall I say, crap. This book come from someone with many years in this field who knows many of the tricks and scams and helps you avoid many pitfalls. He gives such great tips and gives you the big picture so you can always remember not to stress out over little things. He gives you relatively unknown secrets that many high school, college, and adult age people do not know. He also debunks many of the things many of the other books claim you should do. This book is more practical, straightforward, and useful then many of the other books.

Sure in high school they give you pamplets and teachers tell you to 'apply for college', but this book lays the ground out very perfectly. Consider this the starting point for your college admisions job, the book tells you all the other resources you will use along the way (Fiskes, 331 Best Colleges, ect). Choosing a college, how to pay for it, getting in, and what to do while you are there- this covers it all.

I have read many of Marty Nemko's articles (also very helpful) and his other book Cool Careers For Dummies (also a highly recomended read) and I cannot recommend him more highly.

One last note:
Remember that colleges are a BUSINESS withthe main motive of making money. Don't take anything they say at face value. Investigate things for yourself.

(This isn't an ad- this book changed my life. I had to share)

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April 27 2006, 03:00:31 UTC 11 years ago

heyy...thanks for the recommendation(s)! :)...just what i was looking for, and def. something many more high school(and even some college) need to hear (i'm gonna check it out now and probably promote it as well, since it sounds useful and prob. something i'd like myself). thanks again. i'm grateful for people like you who want to provide these tips and help out future college students. you're the friggen best!!