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I just got my SAT scores back and I am considering whether or not I should retake them. I got a 770 on verbal, 750 on writing, and a 680 on math, which is a composite of 2200. Obviously I'm fine with my reading and writing scores, my concern is with the math score. My college goal is Princeton and I want to know if anyone thinks that math score will seriously hamper my admissions

Race: African-American
GPA: 3.83 (unweighted)
Class Rank: In top 10 %
Class difficulty: I've taken honors and AP classes every year. As well as an academically challenging course in each subject (math, science, english, etc) every year.
           Freshman: Honors English, Honors Math (Advanced Algebra/FST)
           Sophomore: Honors English, Honors Math (FST/PDM)
           Junior: French 4 AP, AP Statistics
          Senior (tentatively): French 5 AP, AP Comp, Ap Chem, math class at local university.
Extracurricular activities: French Club (held a position all four year) , National French Honors Society (president, founded chapter at my school), Cultural Club (we put on an annual cultural show, which involves skits and dances from different cultures. I've held a position every year), Discussion Club (founder and president), Key Club, Editor of school newspaper
Legacy: Both my parents and my older brother attended Princeton

Thank You :)
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It can't hurt to take it again. You have good credentials but all the top schools are so competitive that it really can come down to one little thing. Good luck!
I amiably disagree with the poster above. Your SAT score shouldn't be the highlight of your application, it should only confirm and support your credentials in other areas. Sure, if you would like to, and if you feel determined, study and try to improve that math section. But your score is already good. Not supa*stellar, but an admissions officer isn't going to go "hey look, this person took took the hardest classes in school, has a solid GPA, great extracurriculars, and (hopefully) a strong essay/interview... lets reject her because she got a gasping 680 on the math section of the SAT instead of 30 points higher!" (I'm sorry if you're a guy, I'm female-inclined.)

Really. I'm a senior who just went through the college admissions process. My score was around yours, I was trapped at that 690 cr score last year and just decided I didn't care to waste extra time studying to boost it to 700+. You can use that time to do better and more interesting things. Universities like Princeton look for character applicants, and you can easily make up the 30-40 points on your math section with a stellar essay and a few enthusiastic/inquiring phone calls. In retrospective, great SAT scores will always help you, but for me the extra time and effort just wasn't worth it. It worked out for me, anyway, I got in everywhere I wanted -- but it's really your own call.

Sorry for the ranting.
Good guess, I'm not a guy and thanks for the advice.
You've got to be joking. You're black and a legacy and you're worried about your math score when you have a 2200/2400? And this is not angry white spam; I'm black myself, and that's partially why I'm telling you this. If you have a 2200, parents and a sibling who graduated from Princeton, and everything else is stellar, you should be fine. You've got to know that being black is going to help you some. Along with the comments above about wasting time studying for something really just seems silly for you to be offense intended.
no offense taken. I'm pretty sure I’m irrationally paranoid.
When you apply to colleges, they'll ask you to fill out your highest score for each section of all the SAT's you've taken... so it might boost your chances for being accepted if you really prepare for math section this time and raise up your math score.