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I just got my SAT scores back and I am considering whether or not I should retake them. I got a 770 on verbal, 750 on writing, and a 680 on math, which is a composite of 2200. Obviously I'm fine with my reading and writing scores, my concern is with the math score. My college goal is Princeton and I want to know if anyone thinks that math score will seriously hamper my admissions

Race: African-American
GPA: 3.83 (unweighted)
Class Rank: In top 10 %
Class difficulty: I've taken honors and AP classes every year. As well as an academically challenging course in each subject (math, science, english, etc) every year.
           Freshman: Honors English, Honors Math (Advanced Algebra/FST)
           Sophomore: Honors English, Honors Math (FST/PDM)
           Junior: French 4 AP, AP Statistics
          Senior (tentatively): French 5 AP, AP Comp, Ap Chem, math class at local university.
Extracurricular activities: French Club (held a position all four year) , National French Honors Society (president, founded chapter at my school), Cultural Club (we put on an annual cultural show, which involves skits and dances from different cultures. I've held a position every year), Discussion Club (founder and president), Key Club, Editor of school newspaper
Legacy: Both my parents and my older brother attended Princeton

Thank You :)
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