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study abroad in senior year?

Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice...

I'm currently a junior and am planning on studying abroad in France during the first semester and a little more of my senior year (from the end of August 2006 until the beginning of February 2007). I'll be enrolled in a French school, but it is likely that the class credits I receive will not transfer to my high school transcript.

I live in Florida and I'd like to go to a good out-of-state school, preferably in the northeast or California. I'm planning on finishing my college applications and all high school credits before I leave. Do you think studying abroad will hinder or boost my chances for admission? Also, what other colleges do you think might be good for me? I'm a bit overwhelmed by this whole process. Thanks in advance for any advice!!

I think I'd like to major in foreign language, history, or international relations. I'm really interested in journalism, too.

These are some of the colleges I'm interested in:

unweighted GPA = 3.95

SAT= 730 W, 680 V, 650 M
SAT U.S. History = 700
I'm planning on taking the SAT subject tests for French and World History this June.

AP US History= 5
Next week I'm taking AP Language, Gov. and World History. I think I'll get at least a 3 on all of them.

One of my main concerns is not having enough AP classes. When I return from studying abroad, I could possibly take AP Lit and AP French, but this will be after I've sent in my college applications.

My main extracurriculars are my school newspaper and a teen-written page in the local paper. I'm also in NHS and FHS.
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