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I am currently a high school junior in a middle-sized school in Florida. I was just wondering if I could get some suggestions and advice on what else to do to help better my chances to get into the schools I would like to eventually go to.

Weighted GPA: 4.5
Unweighted GPA: 3.7
SAT Math- 600
SAT Verbal-600
SAT Writing- 610
10 on the essay. I have only taken the SATs once.
I am ranked 16 out of around 600.
All of the classes I have taken so far: AP Human geography, AP world history, AP english language, AP calculus, AP us history, AP Biology, Honors Algebra 2, Honors Precalc, Honors English 1, Honors English 2, Marketing 1 (advanced to states), Honors Chemistry, Honors Integrated Science, Health, P.E., Food Prep (its required =\), Computers (also required), Honors Marine Science, French 1, 2, and 3 Honors. Next year I plan on taking AP Statistics, AP English Literature, AP Psychology, AP Comparative Government, AP Government/Econ., Anatomy Honors, and Marketing 3 Honors. I have made A's, B+'s, and B's on all of my semester grades.

Extra Curricular: French Club, DECA, Varsity Volleyball, Key Club, National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta (math honors society), and I play club/travel volleyball. I am the Social Action Vice President and the Fundraising Vice President of my youth group. I attended a summer-long program in California specifically for volunteering and performing community service at local organizations. I also have taken a major role in Camp Jenny, which is a camp for underprivileged children in inner-city Atlanta. We basically give them the "camp experience" over Memorial Day weekend which they otherwise would not have. I have over 267 service hours, and taken part in Meals on Wheels, and volunteered at MANY other places.

I am also traveling abroad for the spring semester of my junior year. I plan on taking the SATs and ACTs when I get back in June, hopefully bringing my score up to at least a 1350. By the end of my high school career I am going to have over the required amount of credits, and I am going to have taken (hopefully) 11 APs. Personal information: I am a Latin Jew, my father went to the University of Miami and my mother went to the University of Alabama. I am interested in going to either GWU, WashU, or Emory. I am also looking into Rice, UMiami, Duke, and all of the major Florida universities, including UF, FSU, and UCF.

Please please please, let me know if you think I am shooting too high. I am trying to plan out my summer now, and I'm deciding between volunteering/an internship or doing precollege at GWU. If you have any recommendations on schools that are more in range with my grades/ec/scores, please let me know. That would be a HUGE help!
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